Jul 202009

So we dropped off Marena to O’Hare on the way to Houston and that left the three of us in Chicago for the afternoon. Millenium Park is a cool place. It was a very relaxed afternoon that was just so beautiful. Not too hot/cold, just right. The Bean is very cool and so were it’s surroundings known as Millenium Park.

We had some tremendous pictures and we had a blast posing for them all. I really enjoyed the time to be with just the parents and Sara. It gave her a real opportunity to show off for her parents and it was a pleasure to watch her. Thanks Sara for a great afternoon!

I pray:
Acts 19:20………I thank you Father that Your Word prevails over our children.
Isa 54:13………..That they are taught of the Lord and continue to be
Prov 13:1………. the fruit of godly instruction and correction.
Isa 54:13………..Great is their peace and undisturbed composure.
Prov 2:6………… Father, give us counsel and wisdom in bringing up our children.

Cool link here. God bless and good night.

Jul 202009

Marena had a chance to travel to Houston, Texas, to visit family friends Cyndi & Jeremy Dull. I was hopeful that Marena would continue to build confidence in her decision making ability on this trip – a trip without mom/dad hounding her at all. Check out that look on her face coming off the plane at the end of her trip – that’s confidence!

I was typing about one thing when I was drawn to something totally different looking at the top of this pic. My girls are growing up! I love it. I’m proud of the young women they are becoming and I’m all ready missing them and they haven’t even left.

But back to Houston. I want to thank Cyndi and Jeremy for being a positive part of Marena’s growing up. They’ll forever be a part of her memories of childhood. You are good people, God bless ya’ll (get it?).

While I was working with ACM in Coldwater, an opportunity came up for me to travel to NYC for a trade show (I had been there once before in college). ACM had a policy that would not allow for wives to travel with their husbands because of a bad experience with a wife of an employee on a trip to Japan.

But I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take Tasha with me on my trip. So Tasha planned her own trip and I decided the company couldn’t fault me if my wife ‘happened’ to show up at the same hotel as me in NYC – wink-wink.

In anticipation of my trip, I fill out the Late Show questionnaire online and I get a call. A production assistant asked me trivia questions about the show and I really screwed it up, apparently I’m not a spontaneous trivia type guy. So we go to NYC figuring the Late Show would never work out. But I decided to give the show one last try after arriving in NYC and they CALLED BACK! I couldn’t believe it. They made us jump through some hoops because Dave was being stalked at the time, but they must have liked the Midwest connection and they invited in the morning for a show that night.

Then the panic really happened. I knew my boss was a David Letterman fan. What’s he gonna think if the crowd pan gets a glimpse of me – and my wife! Now I left my trade show at 3pm to run across Manhattan to make the show, so I didn’t cheat the company, but my WIFE was going to be sitting next to me! When everyone else around us was screaming and waving to their family, Tasha and I are pointing at the lighting! It was a blast!

I really appreciated taking Mark out to lunch after I left ACM and told him the truth about my trip. A friend taped the episode and we are barely visible in the crowd pan so there was nothing to worry about anyway. All we have to show from it is a Late Night T-Shirt that Tasha got as a souvenir. New York City was awesome. I can’t wait to go back. It was an awesome trip and I love it everytime Tasha brags about having ‘been there’ when she sees various NYC locations on TV. I’d pray, but this is all ready a long post, thank you, God!

Tasha and I have really found a niche in the teen crowd. Tasha is doing a great job teaching high school Sunday school and driver education and I’m coaching cross-country and track at Coldwater High School.

I think I know one of the reasons the kids love Tasha so much. I’m tired at the end of the hot day at Warren Dunes, and Tasha is secretly rallying the kids to convince me to drive them to ColdStone Creamery on the way home. She is over-the-top sometimes and the kids like that. And let’s face it, over the top for ice cream is hard to be angry at.

Thank you, God, for the continued opportunity to rally kids for You. To feel young as we lead the teens of our church and our community. Amen.

I had a great day yesterday skiing with Marena and Tubing with Sara and her cousin Angelica. I’m definitely a proud papa! Sara was almost up skiiing – I think she’ll do it this year and she’s only 9!

Jul 052009

Sara is doing a great job learning to drive the boat. She is only 9 but she is very teachable in all kinds of different things. She’s a little bit of a dare-devil, too. We had a great time tubing and swimming even though the lakes were really busy. I am very proud of her for her willingness to try new things and her ability to learn them quickly.

Dear God, thank You so much for a wonderful 4th of July weekend. My wife and I spent the night on the boat after fireworks at Coldwater Lake on the 3rd, I started a 4th of July road race at Heritage Park, went fishing with Marena, watched fireworks with my church family in Coldwater, and spent the 5th on the lake tubing and swimming. Because of the strength You provide me with, so many things fall into line in a way that makes You undeniable. Please help me to make decisions that glorify You. Amen.

Marena and I took the paddle boat out to join my mother-in-law Janet, and Marena’s cousin Angelica, while they were out fishing. The ladies hadn’t caught a fish all day. I showed up, asked for one cast, and the bluegills started jumping into the boat! Marena hadn’t done a lot of fishing so it was nice to get her to have that experience. I remember Marena’s first fish, in a little row boat on Cary Lake between Coldwater and Bronson in the summer of 2001. This trip, I gave Marena the fishing pole and she took a picture of me taking a nap so it looked like she caught all of the fish while I caught some zzzz’s. We had a great time!

That’s right, Tasha and I made it through 15 years of marriage on July 2nd of this year. I still remember so many things about the day I was married to my special gal. The honeymoon trip is still vivid in my mind – back in the day when it was just the two of us!

There was a trip the two of us took to Mt. Holly to go snow skiing. We were driving back and just couldn’t make it the rest of the way so we stopped at the Holiday Inn in Jackson. I was trying to be cute and surprise Tasha with something special so I blindfolded her for the drive to our restaurant. About 5 miles and two dozen turns later we ended up across the street at one of Tasha’s favorite restaurants at the time, Red Lobster. Hey, I was 19 years old ok?

This year, Tasha apparently remembers that story because after our dinner at Martell’s she blindfolded me for our anniversary date, drove me in a sea-sick pattern around Coldwater and ended up guiding me by the hand up some backstairs to the Holiday Inn Express in Coldwater (after she swears she said ‘stop’ a split-second before I hit the wall in the stairwell).

We had a great time and it was fun seeing how many good things we can remember about the last 15 years. I’m proud of my marriage today. Tasha tries so hard to be the best wife that she can be. The requirements for the job seem to change so much from one day to another and she does a great job adjusting. She’s working 60+ hours a week in the summer time when the driving school is the busiest. She’s not home usually in the evenings but still finds time to plan our crock-pot meals for the week so it is as easy on us as possible.

I love you, Tasha!


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Jun 272009

I remember my dad watching M*A*S*H when I was too young to appreciate it. I was annoyed that I couldn’t do what I wanted on this ‘neat’ thing called a TV. Dad almost made me watch that show with him. I say ‘made’ because I was hooked on TV and M*A*SH wasn’t all that bad….

So today Sara (9 years old) actually asked if I wanted to watch M*A*S*H with her. It was the end of the day and I was tired. But I know that Sara’s primary love language is quality time, so all I have to do is say ok in this situation. But then there was a moment in the show that Sara repeated one of Hawkeye’s lines, figured it out, and laughed with a genuine smile of haha on her face.

Here is a link to a cool M*A*S*H fact. Check it out.

Dear God, though M*A*S*H isn’t in complete accord with Biblical teaching, thank you for keeping it clean enough that I can enjoy this show with both my father, AND my children.

We had another successful Vacation Bible School week at First Baptist Church of Coldwater. Over 100 kids from infants to middle school age were in attendance each day. Over 60 volunteers put in time, too. It was an excellent week! Check out this video.

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