Beautiful. So many pics like this to choose from.


Top Left – Me over a small portion of Lake Mead that we went swimming in.
Bottom Left – Me sporting a goatee and the face of Hoover Dam in the background. Right – Looking north to the mouth of Lake Mead.

This was a neat day. The high temp reached 113 degrees. That is a record for me. You could actually feel your skin “changing” like you were in an oven. We went for a swim in Lake Mead because it was sooo hot. After we saw Hoover Dam and hung out we went back to the air conditioning of Las Vegas. I’m frustrated with the number of great pics of the terrain on this trip and knowing I can’t show them all. However, I have to get over it and post something as a glimpse of this great trip.

Coming Into Vegas

Coming Into Vegas


The time from the morning of July 2nd to the evening of July 4th, 2010, is my personal record for miles traveled and work accomplished. We left the Dominican, came home and I had to work at the church while Tasha ran our clothes through the laundry (while very sick…). Then we loaded up back to the airport for the 2nd part of our “vacation.”

4,000 miles give or take. That is what we did. It was awesome. But it was worth every mile.

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