Day six in the Dominican (part2) Viva Las Vegas!


The emotions on the van ride from Azua back to Santo Domingo were amazing. I kept thinking how happy I was to know that my worst problems in my USA life are so much better then the “best” life in the D.R. I also couldn’t ignore the open reliance the people from the church that we were serving had on God – my God, their God, our God. They had such a hard life but they were so comfortable knowing that their loving and caring God would provide their basic needs.

The other real world challenge I know I’m going to face is how relaxed the church/worship time was. They had some technology but they seemed grateful if it worked as opposed to disappointed when it didn’t. So the challenge for me as a church tech guy is to realize that technology and entertainment aren’t required to reach people for Christ, but the locality where I attend church sets a higher expectation in order to be more effective reaching people for Christ. And there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

Before we went to the airport we had an opportunity to sight-see the area where Christopher Columbus first settled the Americas and we also had an opportunity to souvenir shop at the very large local market. Its the only market I’ve ever been to where you NEVER pay sticker price. It was also fun to have one of the interpreters take me to the non-tourist location for money exchange to get the best rate. I even had to haggle with the guy and we were operating out of his van on some side street. Too much fun – but I got a good deal….
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