Day five in the Dominican Day six in the Dominican (part2)

This day was all about building relationships with the local people – especially the children. We worked, we played, we “talked” the best we could without speaking each other’s language – and the talk was remarkably good! I had a talk with Pastor Raul about his ministry needs in Azua. Here is a summary of the talk that I posted on my Facebook picture page: “As my meeting with Pastor Raul approached and the question I needed to pose was, “What kind of financial assistance do you most immediately need?” I was worried for the answer. Expecting to hear $200k for a building or some such extravagant answer as is customary in the U.S. But instead he informed me he needed 50ft of chain-link fence, a gate for the courtyard, a new reinforced door for the Christian school, and 2 toilets for the latrine. About $600 U.S. dollars. So we are going to challenge our community to raise the funds needed and Pastor Raul will send pictures of the completed project. How cool is that – a practical mission endeavor – stress practical.”

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