Day four in the Dominican Day six in the Dominican (part1)

We got up and met as a team. Youth Pastor Kevin led us in Scripture. I admitted where the weaknesses were in the trip. Some weaknesses were mine, some were in the AIM and local Pastoral leaders, and some were in the youth and adult leaders in the trip. But the bottom line was that we are in it together. And we had a job to do. To minister to the weak and poor in the barrio of Buenos Heights, Azua, Dominican Republic. Answers to prayers came in the complete healing of two out of three ladies while the third girl had manageable symptoms and there wasn’t need for further alarm. And morale was REJUVINATED! Praise God!

On this day and the next we realized the crux of our missionary efforts. Here is an excerpt from a newsletter article I wrote for FBC-Coldwater upon our return:

“Because we went on the trip the biggest financial thing that happened was that Adventures In Missions (A.I.M.) traded a roof job for the landlord of the church property for 12-15 months worth of rent for the church. We did some other miscellaneous labor either at the VBS location or at the Christian school which included pouring a concrete basketball pad, clearing land, leveling ground for a foundation, installing chain-link fence, and more! We also partnered with the church to put on a VBS that served about 100 kids by my count. On our last day we also visited the English class at the local university to help teach English in a small group setting. We went to two church services at two different churches which were quite a bit different than either the traditional or contemporary services at FBC.”

Journal entry quote: “Went to the ocean this afternoon on sabbatical. Monte Del Rio Playa. Water was perfect. Beautiful setting. Mountains wrapped around us on three sides. We were on a large bay but we could still see open water to the south. Fun watching the kids have a great time. Neat seeing the rain clouds being kept back by the powerful mountain/ocean boundary.”

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