Day three in the Dominican Day five in the Dominican


This day had it’s share of problems for our group.

But it started with a sugary cup of coffee from a street vendor in the morning. Having a cup of coffee is so customary to me in my lifestyle. In the D.R., it is likely that those from the U.S. are rumored to have a sweet tooth for cappuccinos and sweet morning drinks, that the hosts from the D.R. were sugar-heavy in the drink that they gave to us. They were trying to be hospitable to anticipate our needs and we graciously accepted (even though I’m not sure we “liked” it but shhhh-don’t tell).

Journal entry quote: “Drove to worksite then walked about a half-mile to the school. Then walked about another half-mile to the church. It was hot on the walk and when we arrived at the church our hosts took us inside and turned on four ceiling fans that were U.S. oscillating fans fixed to the ceiling. They put huge smiles on their faces and we all sat in the church pews relishing the cool breeze. Our AIM music director Ryan pick up a guitar and led us in some worship songs that combined with the extent and challenges of our travels brought to me joyful and inexplicable tears. It was incredible feeling the presence of my loving and caring God so far from my home but knowing it wasn’t any travel at all for Him.”

This day had three of our ladies come down with illness and also had a group within our group have a social meltdown that brought us challenges. Further, there were leadership divides between the Michigan and Illinois group, too. There really was a huge challenge to a peace lover like me. I hunkered down in prayer, and lost sleep for the first time on the trip because of emotions, turned to my God and Savior, and asked for help. More to come….

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