Day two in the Dominican Day four in the Dominican


Dominican time sets in. The day before we’d ask Pastor Raul what time church started and he said, “7:00pm.” At 7:00 and we hadn’t left our dorm one of our party asked Pastor Raul what would happen if he wasn’t there at 7 for church and he replied, “Well, they won’t start church without me.” LOL. But he was right. We arrived whatever time we arrived and church happened. That’s pretty much the example of time management that held true the rest of the week.

The AIM people asked us not to take pictures this day so I’m going entirely to my journal entry for today’s post.

Journal entry quote: “Went for a run this morning with Dalton. Our AIM hosts were a little whipped from yesterday’s run and stayed back. It was cool to be out on my own. The traffic and people in the main drag in Azua were very intense. Probably because it was Monday morning, a workday. We went to the site for our outreach ministry for the week. We leveled a lot of ground for pouring a foundation within an existing 5-room dwelling. So many rocks in the ground. Cleared brush and trash from the site. Poured a concrete pad for a neighborhood basketball hoop. The cistern pump went out at the house – showers were short lived. Flushing now requires buckets in lieu of water. We were there to work but in spite of this, we were calmly invited to watch the Brazil/Chili World Cup Soccer Match at Raul’s house. I stayed behind with a few people and ventured out to an ice cream street vendor and bought ice cream for the house. The Peso to Dollar conversion was an interesting process. I estimate based on the transaction I could have bought the entire cart for $20US. I took down huge pieces of trees with a machete, pulled a thorn out of my shoe that was long enough to stick through my sole, and had a long distance talk with Sara on the phone that was more valuable then any over the phone talk I’ve had in my life.”

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