First (and long overdo) Dominican Republic Trip Post Day three in the Dominican

We woke up which was distinctly like sleeping because of all of the various noises, smells, and heat to the climate. Dalton, Thomas, myself, and two of our AIM (Adventures In Missions) hosts went for a run. I’m out of shape but I was so proud of being in the minimal shape necessary to being able to go for a run in a 3rd world country. We visited the childhood church of Pastor Raul. They had live feed video for the overflow! Looked like a MediaShout type program for lyrics. The crowd participation was AWESOME! No offense to my Coldwater friends but they were soooo into the music! I was into the music with my limited understanding of the language!!!

We returned from church and packed up for the trip to the sea-side town of Azua. Azua? What about San Juan de la Maguana like the AIM group told us we’d be based out of? LOL. I guess things don’t always go as planned. However, the “dorm” in Azua did have some semblance of a U.S. structure. The water occasionally ran, electricity was 18/24 hours a day, and we had security and control of our own private space…. Whew.

We also met our translators and the group from Illinois that would be our teammates for the week. What was lacking in infrastructure was made up for in terrific relationships and a strengthening of a relationship with my loving and caring God! Then we went to church at Pastor Raul’s church in Azua and started building relationships even more.

Journal entry quote: “I joked about seeing pictures of a pick up truck overloaded with people when researching the D.R. before I left. But on the way to Pastor Raul’s church we loaded about 15 of us into a Datsun style truck to head to church. What an amazing ride. The streets got narrower and narrower and narrower while the houses got closer together, too. And then the homes were barely houses and more like shacks or piles of concrete. The road T’d and became the worst rut/rock road I’ve ever seen. If I had to get back to that place I’d say we turned right (derecho) where the three pigs were in the road and people actually understood! It was raining and kids were playing naked in the rain/runoff and sudzing up. We had a little excitement in the dark after church when our truck had a flat tire just before the three pigs but we all made it out safe.”

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