My daughters and parenting lessons learned… Day two in the Dominican

What a cool mission trip. Our trip started with a family dinner on a Friday night at the church. We left Coldwater about 2am and arrived in Santo Domingo about 2pm the next day-Saturday. We were surprised that our Dominican connections weren’t as prepared for us as we would have hoped. There was discussion at the airport along the lines of deciding whether we would stay at a hotel (which I’m picturing as being pretty “cheap”) or whether we would stay at a relative of the host pastor’s…. Tick-tock. U.S. time just wasn’t the same as Dominican time….

As I look back at that first night, though unscripted from our planning standards we have in the U.S., it was a really unique opportunity to see a working homestead in a destitute neighborhood within Santo Domingo. We actually had to go about 12 hours without access to reliable drinking water. It wasn’t that we couldn’t get bottled water, it was that it wasn’t easy to safely get bottled drinking water with such a large group in a 3rd world country. Along with challenges with the heat, food, and lack of hygiene/housing facilities that were anywhere close to U.S. standards that first night was a real challenge to our group.

Journal entry quote: “Spent the night in Santo Domingo at the property of Pastor Raul’s brother. We were in a concrete “attic” or rooftop room. It is customary to add to property as finances allowed, meaning a lot of property is in the state of constant renovation. The tin roof was in the process of repair as our van was pulling up out front. It was leaky, no screens on the property, pigeons were heard walking on the roof. Hot. Smelly. Family was up so late and were loud. Neighborhood dogs were very loud. Heard a motorcycle that sounded like it was racing between our room and the main house – amazing… Read aloud the story of Jonah to Dalton – very cool ministering experience.”

But our adventure was under way. There is so much to type about but I can’t. In fact, I’ve delayed too long to start this blog knowing that there is no way I can “blog” it and do it justice. But I can’t wait any longer. So the blog begins.

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