We had a great mini-vacation over spring break to Chicago. Marena had a follow-up Dr. visit at Shriner’s Hospital that we were able to fit in. Her healing from hand surgery is going as expected. We took the opportunity to get Sara a little exposure to the Art Institute since she hasn’t had that opportunity and Marena did when she was a little younger then Sara is now. The icing on the cake was a visit to Shedd Aquarium which is always fun. They have a 4D movie which is always cool, especially when you aren’t expecting mist, air bursts, pokes in the back of the seat, etc.

Tuesday night we saw the movie, “How To Train Your Dragon” at the 3D IMAX at Navy Pier. It is amazing how good the 3D technology is improving it. You can even afford to go if as a family you hold 3-4 jobs… We ate at Harry Carey’s and had a nice evening hanging out in the garden at Navy Pier watching the fountains jumping over our heads.

One of the highlights was the time we spent together at Leonardo’s Italian Restaurant in some burb north of the city. My girls are growing up and the conversation is getting more intellectually stimulating but still just as funny. Everyone was forced in to long periods of laughter many times at the table. A lot different then when we used to have to hush Marena at Chicago Water Grill when she was 5 years old, then I’d rush to the bathroom to change Sara’s diaper… This was a great night!

The Art Institute was great. They’ve changed some things up and it seemed more touristy then museum-y (I know its not a word). The Fantasea show at Shedd was more show then animal which was kind of a let down – but the kids probably didn’t know what they were missing.

Thursday morning at the hotel we treated ourselves to a morning swim, breakfast in bed, and a nap after breakfast before we started our day.

Here’s a shocker, the ladies went shopping…. More then once….

Dear God, thank you so much for the resources to be able to take my family on this vacation. I know that without You none of this would be possible for us. You’ve guided our family back on Your course and You’ve been our Guide for a long time now. It is getting easier to let You be in control. Please be with the struggling people that we saw in Chicago. We pray that they feel Your presence and give You a chance to work in their lives, too. Amen.

Bessie The Cow

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Apr 082010

It’s been reported that First Baptist Bessie had a recent makeover on a trip to Chicago. Check out all of Bessie’s photos at FBC Bessie.

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