MBI Founder’s Week 2010 A little Proverbs this morning

WarGames (1983)

Watching WarGames (1983) for about the dozenth time. Cool movie. Love the old-style dial up modem which most won’t believe I actually used. I know now that nothing on dial up actually happened fast and that the President never could have made a “dial-up” decision in 6 minutes. It’s fun to think back and see how life has changed. I’m typing this in one window, watching Broderick changing his high school grades (and those of his girlfriend) in the Netflix window next to me. Secretly I’m wondering if I can “tap” the MSU computers to change my statistics grades. JK.

Interesting Dialogue Over A Can Of TAB:

BRODERICK: Falken is dead.
COLEMAN: He’s dead?
BRODERICK: Yeah, he was pretty old.
COLEMAN: How old was he?
BRODERICK: He was 41.

Another Dabney Coleman quote, “What is a tragic-tory heading?”

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