Feb 192010

WarGames (1983)

Watching WarGames (1983) for about the dozenth time. Cool movie. Love the old-style dial up modem which most won’t believe I actually used. I know now that nothing on dial up actually happened fast and that the President never could have made a “dial-up” decision in 6 minutes. It’s fun to think back and see how life has changed. I’m typing this in one window, watching Broderick changing his high school grades (and those of his girlfriend) in the Netflix window next to me. Secretly I’m wondering if I can “tap” the MSU computers to change my statistics grades. JK.

Interesting Dialogue Over A Can Of TAB:

BRODERICK: Falken is dead.
COLEMAN: He’s dead?
BRODERICK: Yeah, he was pretty old.
COLEMAN: How old was he?
BRODERICK: He was 41.

Another Dabney Coleman quote, “What is a tragic-tory heading?”

Feb 042010

Edited copy
This is the third trip I’m making back to Founder’s Week at Moody Bible Institute. I was inspired the first time I heard D.L. Moody’s story and I have to confess I like the conference. Each week I go to church and I hear a message. But I don’t always “hear” the message because I’m paid to be there and my responsibilities distract me from actually “hearing” the message.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss talked about the importance of the daily devotional, how Jesus did this, and how it actually starts the night before. Andrew Schmutzer took us through Psalm 73 and showed us how to use it for others, not just oneself. Bill Rieser shared his surprising and powerful testimony of growing up on the streets of Manhattan. Joseph Stowell talked about casting away your nets – those earthly things that keep you from following God. Albert Mohler shared opinions on each side of a nationally televised debate he participated in on homosexuality referenced in the Bible in Romans 1. Josh Moody (no relation) was a highly intelligent Cambridge University graduate talking about the wisdom of God compared to even the most intelligent human – incomparable. Walt McCord took us through an in depth study of David and Goliath. And Kevin DeYoung from East Lansing did an excellent job comparing the offerings of Leviticus 1 to the offering of Jesus Christ.

It was a pleasure to go on the trip with the Senior Pastor Dave Pierce and Youth Pastor Kevin Olrich. We had a good time, got to know each other better, and had some good discussions about the ministries of the church. Dear God, I pray that as we return from our trip You’ll use our time together to further unify the church staff and to give us renewed energy and encouragement for the future of the First Baptist Church of Coldwater. We seek You out. We trust You will provide the mission and vision we need. Amen.

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