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Jan 302010

I’m finally starting to live long enough to believe when people say prayer is a lifelong process. I don’t just mean the act of praying more frequently. That’s a part of it, though. More specifically the growth I’m talking about is the belief in the answers to prayer.

I had lunch this week with a former manager that I respect a lot. I confessed to him that I can remember the exact place I was standing when I spoke one last prayer before going into interview with him and his team. It was the first time I had ever prayed for a job interview. I didn’t pray so much that I would get the job. But I remember praying for the courage to have integrity and I would portray myself at the top of my ability. I prayed no matter what, I’d give my best effort. My best was for the glory of God. God was my audience in that interview so many years ago.

That’s just one example of the multiple situations I pray for. Usually my prayers are for me to behave or act in a way that glorifies God. To act in a way that just before I go to sleep at night, when it’s me and God, that we both know the best I could do just has to be good enough. It certainly is for Him.

Dear God, help me to pray for myself to behave in ways that glorify You. I pray for those people I come into contact with to also be seeking You out in wisdom and guidance. I pray for human frailty in me and others to be kept at bay. Please minimize that frailty all for the glory of God. Amen.

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