YS Conference – Day1 – Welcome To Atlanta Lessons Learned

Day 2 was off to a great start with a session led by Andy Stanley. He talked about the characteristics of leaders. The media classes were really cool. Used some of the stuff I learned to finish the video for Sunday morning. Yes, this Sunday morning while I’m here in Atlanta. Edited it over night and sent it via the internet to the sanctuary PC! Pretty cool. Shane & Shane had music that was “raw” for the late night session. I checked my vocabulary (raw) with the 24 year old accompanying me on the trip to make sure I used it right. I know there weren’t “big name” bands, but the House Band was pretty good. The lead male vocalist is awesome, lots of passion.

Francis Chan was really good. He forced me to look carefully at myself. What would God say about me? What are my lies? It was pretty in your face, but that’s good from time to time, right? On the website usually you get the best side of my life. All of the good things. I often wonder how to make it more real, without airing my dirty laundry. Here goes.

So here it is; pride, anger, lust, envy, greed, gluttony, and sloth are constant struggles throughout my day. Sometimes one will be much more difficult than the others. It is a cycle of ups and downs. I wished I could say I was at constant peace in my faith, family, career, etc. But I’m not. I need your prayers to walk on this planet. I need God’s help and direction – constantly. I’m embarrassed to think just how much I actually need His help, but it’s a lot. There, I said it. I’m not perfect (you all ready knew that). But now you know that I know I’m not perfect. I try, I care, but I’m just not the most righteous person on the planet. Dear God, please help me. Help those reading this to understand the need to be honest with their self before God. I pray that I can feel your presence as I take hard looks at the person I am. The man that isn’t Godly. The man that tries, but fails, but doesn’t stop trying. Amen.

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