Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep YS Conference – Day 2 – Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, Shane & Shane

The day started with a little excitement at the airport in DTW. Excitement isn’t exactly the word. I guess the FAA computers had a “glitch” that caused all of the day’s flight plans to be cancelled and they had to be re-filed. Terror Alert Levels were raised. The impact to our day was a delay of about an hour – it could have been worse.

I’m getting to know Kevin better. He is passionate for the youth, looking for ways to lead them to Christ. Beyond that, he wants to be a part of the journey of helping kids of faith, become stronger in that faith. Since I’ve been on staff at the church I’ve been holding to the motto of, “connecting people to Christ, and strengthening that connection.” Kevin seems like a great fit.

Dear God, I pray for our trip this week. I pray that Kevin learns techniques for teaching that will make him even more effective. I pray that I will grasp an understanding of the technology that will make it so clear that You had Your hand in my life. Thank You for giving those who work for and around the church the ability to use technology to glorify You.

Here are a couple of pix. We were also able to get the first part of the Sunday morning video shoot done at the airport.

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