Does anybody actually read this thing…. YS Conference – Day1 – Welcome To Atlanta

I love putting Sara to bed at night. We always say a prayer together. Sometimes she leads, sometimes I do. Sometimes it is the more ritualistic Lord’s Prayer. I always keep it a surprise for her what is going to happen.

Tonight was special, though.

It was her turn to pray and she did a particularly good job. We’ve been trying to get her to elaborate more on her thoughts in prayer – graduating from 1st grade prayer to 5th grade prayer is how I put it. So she was doing surprisingly well, going past 1st grade and making it to 5th grade. And at the end she says, “God, I pray that Natalie’s sister’s dog and Dawn’s (her aunt’s) dog have a good time breeding in the garage tomorrow. Amen.” Are you kidding! That about made me laugh all the way down the stairs!

Apparently we have a breeding opportunity and our home is the “place” to be and I had no idea. But Sara’s innocence was so precious….

And then Sara confesses that she’s been crying about the passing of Grandpa Phil recently. She says she drew a picture to deal with the crying and it was a picture of a sunny day with blue skies and Grandpa and her are holding hands.

Dear God, thank You so much for this brightness at the end of the day. Thank You so much for allowing my marriage, though challenging at times, to allow for moments like these that allow me to be such an important part of Sara’s childhood. Thank You, God. Thank You for my marriage. Thank You for my children. Please help me. Amen.

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