2009 Cross Country State Meet Does anybody actually read this thing….

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I remember when the internet computer lab was introduced at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, MI, in about the fall of 1993. There was a computer lab at CHS by the end of 1992 but it was primarily word processing in nature.

I remember espn.com and cnn.com and yahoo.com and netscape.com when they were first starting out. I remember the cool pop-up features that windows came out with that allowed pc to talk to pc. I remember the computer labs at MSU in 1996/97 and how quickly they were evolving.

And then the history evolves so fast I could bore you beyond understanding….

What’s my point? I came on at FBC at a time when I thought I could update their website and make it cool and more of a communication tool. Quickly after I came on board it became a Google response (less is more, go to the google webpage to get my drift). I just wanted to get the facts out quick because I all of a sudden was responding to blogs, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. As I type this, I haven’t logged in to FBC myspace in nearly a year! Amazing how the demand changes.

And I’m just starting to figure out Twitter and Facebook… I’m going to keep fighting. I won’t quit. I’m 34. But, I can understand the overwhelming feeling that my father and some of the others in the generation I’d call my elder when they just laughed as it passed them by. If you can’t keep up, you might as well laugh. I hope I remember this post when I’m at some XX age in the future.

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