Galatians Study 2009 Cross Country State Meet
Nov 062009

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I would like to thank our new Youth Pastor for “mutilating” me. I told him I was considering etching C-H-S in to my head in honor of freshman Becca Schott’s earning the right to compete at the state meet. He said, “I can do that.” And he was all giggles like he couldn’t wait to put his mark on me. But I figured what the heck.

I’d like to say that prayer, prudence, and training went into this event. But shamefully, no. I was on a conference call in my office when Kevin stuck his head in with the clippers in hand. Then I went to his office and he had a chair (I felt like it was the electric chair) all set up and ready. He forced the apron over me and said, “relax. Mu-ha-ha-haaaa.” He calls down the hall loudly to Pastor Pierce, “we’re ready….”

Pastor shows up with the camera (laughing a little too loud) and starts clicking. He says, “Oh, I can’t wait to show this team building exercise to the congregation.”

I’m embellishing a bit of course. But it was a fun time and I’m glad everything went exactly as it did. The kids got to see my care and commitment for their effort. My co-workers got to see that, too. And EVERYONE got to see my reseeding hairline and baldspot. I’ve had better Fridays, but this one was definitely different. Thank you, God???

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