More Sara On Boat – I can’t get enough what can I say! Marking the home cross country course

Somebody asked me yesterday if I “got their email.” YES I DID! There is a cool free tool out there that analyzes your Outlook email program. It said I received and sent a few messages last year. But I definitely didn’t reply to them all. I’m sorry. :( Can you imagine what the count would be if you add voicemails, text messages, facebook, blogs, messenger messages, etc.?

Dear God, please help me remember You! In all of the chaos that technology has created in the form of advanced communication, please help me to center back on You. The technology isn’t bad. You gave it to us or gave us the ability to create it. When used right, it glorifies You and reaches people so effectively. But help me to remember my priorities and use the technology in this order; God, Marriage, Kids (especially mine).

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