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Oct 302009

What an awesome movie. I got a chance to see it again tonight for about the 100th time in my life. Josh Holicki knows it so well he can recite many of the lines a split second before the actors. There were three people at the team party this week that had never seen the movie! Can you believe it?

It is such an awesome illustration of the challenges we all face. We tackle the ups and downs. The same task can be completed over and over for dozens of different good reasons. What’s important one day, may not be the next. We train mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We train. We train. We train. And there are all of those indirect forces that influence the world. The forces we really can’t control, but how we react to them makes history.

I remember Rocky III and Mr. T. from 1982 when I was about seven years old. After Rocky III I remember stacking pillows on the couch so I could punch them like a punching bag. Rocky IV was released in 1985 and I’m guessing I watched it on VCR in 1987. I began my running career in 1987.

The movie spans different periods of time in my life. I would return to it throughout my high school and college years when I wanted to be inspired to accomplish awesome things. Or I’d watch in hopes of inspiring those around me. Then in my late twenties and early thirties I’d watch that movie with pleasant memories of prior years’ accomplishments. Now I’m back to watching it with others to inspire both them and myself for great things yet to come. What a cool cycle.

And it’s PG.

Oct 212009

Life has a way of presenting a lot of social exchanges that are baffling. Sometimes it has to do with kids, sometimes the parents, coaches, judges, bosses, co-workers, etc. My heart wants to make peace between them all. I want people to safely succeed in their goals. But sometimes, it seems there are no winners and feelings inevitably get hurt. So how can I get better? This morning my hope comes from Proverbs 2:1-22.

Dear God, I cry out to You for insight and I ask for understanding. I want to listen and feel Your presence directing my actions. Please grant me wisdom in dealing with challenging situations. Help me to understand what is right, just, and fair. Please watch over me and keep me safe. Guide me clear of wicked and evil people. Lead me towards those with good hearts and clear thought. When any good comes through my actions, I give all of the glory to You. I know that without You, I can not succeed. Amen.

Oct 142009

Here is a cute picture of the kids that showed up for the optional morning run today. It was before sunrise. *insert laugh* The picture isn’t our people, but if I took a picture this is what you would have seen. :)

This is the second week that the team has gotten together before school on a Wednesday (my day off). Last week we had breakfast together. Then Graham talked about how the Otsego team gets together before school a couple of days a week for an extra workout. Becca says, “…we should do that.” We have 14 athletes on the team and the first week we had 12 kids and this week with a workout we had 9 show up today. It is a good turnout and I’m glad the kids are the driving force behind this. A coach can want and hope, but when the thought comes out of the commitment in the kids’ hearts, you know it’ll be successful!

Here are some pretty flowers for my wife this morning. There are so many good things that I love about you! Keep smiling. :)

This is me on the golf cart marking the home meet golf course. Not really. But there were a couple of times tonight when the rain was coming down in sheets as the day was ending. And I’m the only one on the golf course putting up flags to direct the runner’s coming to tomorrow’s meet. Ahhh, tranquil. Wet. I had all of these images of an old man riding a small boat in a huge storm…. That’s a glimpse into my mind. Now, go get therapy. :)

Somebody asked me yesterday if I “got their email.” YES I DID! There is a cool free tool out there that analyzes your Outlook email program. It said I received and sent a few messages last year. But I definitely didn’t reply to them all. I’m sorry. :( Can you imagine what the count would be if you add voicemails, text messages, facebook, blogs, messenger messages, etc.?

Dear God, please help me remember You! In all of the chaos that technology has created in the form of advanced communication, please help me to center back on You. The technology isn’t bad. You gave it to us or gave us the ability to create it. When used right, it glorifies You and reaches people so effectively. But help me to remember my priorities and use the technology in this order; God, Marriage, Kids (especially mine).

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