Another Coach’s Corner More Sara On Boat – I can’t get enough what can I say!

Last night I cancelled a breakfast meeting because I needed a break to be with my family in the morning. At the time I had no idea how good of a decision that could be. We just finished breakfast with the whole family. That is so rare for all of us to be home together anytime, let alone in the mornings. Sara, Tasha, and Marena were all great to be around and we had a nice time. We had another family over for dinner last night and that was great, too. Sometimes it all comes together and what a great feeling that is.

Check out Matthew 18:19-20. God was present with us this morning. Thank you God for wonderful times like these. Thank you for my family. Thank you for allowing me to see the good around me and to slow down to enjoy it and appreciate it. Please help my family seek You out in their actions today. Help them to honor You. Amen.

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