Warren Dunes Youth Trip Marena Goes To Houston

While I was working with ACM in Coldwater, an opportunity came up for me to travel to NYC for a trade show (I had been there once before in college). ACM had a policy that would not allow for wives to travel with their husbands because of a bad experience with a wife of an employee on a trip to Japan.

But I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take Tasha with me on my trip. So Tasha planned her own trip and I decided the company couldn’t fault me if my wife ‘happened’ to show up at the same hotel as me in NYC – wink-wink.

In anticipation of my trip, I fill out the Late Show questionnaire online and I get a call. A production assistant asked me trivia questions about the show and I really screwed it up, apparently I’m not a spontaneous trivia type guy. So we go to NYC figuring the Late Show would never work out. But I decided to give the show one last try after arriving in NYC and they CALLED BACK! I couldn’t believe it. They made us jump through some hoops because Dave was being stalked at the time, but they must have liked the Midwest connection and they invited in the morning for a show that night.

Then the panic really happened. I knew my boss was a David Letterman fan. What’s he gonna think if the crowd pan gets a glimpse of me – and my wife! Now I left my trade show at 3pm to run across Manhattan to make the show, so I didn’t cheat the company, but my WIFE was going to be sitting next to me! When everyone else around us was screaming and waving to their family, Tasha and I are pointing at the lighting! It was a blast!

I really appreciated taking Mark out to lunch after I left ACM and told him the truth about my trip. A friend taped the episode and we are barely visible in the crowd pan so there was nothing to worry about anyway. All we have to show from it is a Late Night T-Shirt that Tasha got as a souvenir. New York City was awesome. I can’t wait to go back. It was an awesome trip and I love it everytime Tasha brags about having ‘been there’ when she sees various NYC locations on TV. I’d pray, but this is all ready a long post, thank you, God!

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