WaterSkiing & Tubing With The Kids Late Show – True Story

Tasha and I have really found a niche in the teen crowd. Tasha is doing a great job teaching high school Sunday school and driver education and I’m coaching cross-country and track at Coldwater High School.

I think I know one of the reasons the kids love Tasha so much. I’m tired at the end of the hot day at Warren Dunes, and Tasha is secretly rallying the kids to convince me to drive them to ColdStone Creamery on the way home. She is over-the-top sometimes and the kids like that. And let’s face it, over the top for ice cream is hard to be angry at.

Thank you, God, for the continued opportunity to rally kids for You. To feel young as we lead the teens of our church and our community. Amen.

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