Vacation Bible School 2009 15 Years Of Marriage (to the same lady)!
Jun 272009

I remember my dad watching M*A*S*H when I was too young to appreciate it. I was annoyed that I couldn’t do what I wanted on this ‘neat’ thing called a TV. Dad almost made me watch that show with him. I say ‘made’ because I was hooked on TV and M*A*SH wasn’t all that bad….

So today Sara (9 years old) actually asked if I wanted to watch M*A*S*H with her. It was the end of the day and I was tired. But I know that Sara’s primary love language is quality time, so all I have to do is say ok in this situation. But then there was a moment in the show that Sara repeated one of Hawkeye’s lines, figured it out, and laughed with a genuine smile of haha on her face.

Here is a link to a cool M*A*S*H fact. Check it out.

Dear God, though M*A*S*H isn’t in complete accord with Biblical teaching, thank you for keeping it clean enough that I can enjoy this show with both my father, AND my children.

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