I own a Harley! Ok, maybe it’s a har-ley worth mentioning. But I enjoy having this moped. Its cheap to operate, a little like having the top down on a convertible, and let’s face it, the chicks dig it. All I need is an “it’s paid for” bumper sticker (and a bumper) and she’ll be finished.

Dear God, thank you for seeing that I am provided for. I’m blessed to have more than just my feet to carry me in this life. The glory for the peace of mind that I have, goes to you. PS-thanks for the four-wheel rides I own, too.
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Guitar Hero followed by ping-pong followed by hide and seek and now Wii! It was Sara’s birthday today and we had a good time together just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company – pretty much doing whatever she wanted. Sara is all ready for bed and we’re just sitting around in front of the fire place waiting for her 9th birthday to finish up. I love you, Sara. You’re a good kid. Keep smiling! Love, Daddy.

Over 400 people attended the 2009 season finale of the Power Of Love group from FBC-Coldwater. This day also begins the close of Pastor Dave Anderson’s ministry with FBC. Dave had a fantastic ministry while at FBC and our family hopes and prays that Dave and Cheri are blessed with a wonderful new ministry opportunity in the weeks and months to come. Dear God, thank you for Dave and Cheri and their impact for Christ in our community. Please give them strength, courage, and wisdom as they move on to their next opportunity.

I am typing my first blog from my blackberry. It wasn’t cheap, but my excuse is that we’ll be able to improve customer service for the driving school – winkwink. Anyway, it is pretty cool and so far I am glad we made the techno leap.

Dear God, thank you for the talented people that are creating these cool toys. Most of the time it is a toy for me, but somewhere life is improved because of access to new technology. Amen.

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