Easter! CHS Track 3rd At Olivet Relays

Tasha and I were married in 1994. Between 1994 and 2003 Tasha consistently told me the things I did (or didn’t do) that “bothered” her. My father mysteriously found out about some of those items in 2003, too. So with enough encouragement from people I cared about, I picked a couple of the easier items and decided to improve things around the house for Tasha. One of those items was making the dirty clothes actually reach the hamper.

Since 2003 I’ve been proud of my efforts. With a nearly 100% completion rate my dirty laundry made it to the hamper. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making extra work for anyone. There were other areas of improvement, too. But this is the one I’m blogging about and now you’ll see why.

In January of 2009, in the middle of a petty fight that sometimes happens in marriage, Tasha became angry that I NEVER take care of my dirty clothes. Never! Are you kidding! So from that day forward I digressed to the fresh out of college 20-something mentality to dirty laundry that I had long ago forgotten.

The point, during a rather nice evening around the house together, Tasha smiled at me and said, “I think I liked it better the way you used to get the clothes to the hamper.” She was acting all naïve and coy. But I knew. At that moment, I was rewarded for the hard work over those 6 years. The strike is over and I promise to start being a good boy again. Also, that is the last time I air my dirty laundry on this blog. :)

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