Safety First! Easter!
Apr 092009

A gentleman left a comment to say he enjoyed reading my blog and asked why I decided to start one. Hmmmm.

Each week at the church where I work, hundreds of people pass through. It is impossible to get to know them all though I try very hard. Tasha teaches hundreds of teens driver education each year at our business, Phil’s Driving School, LLC. There are hundreds of people that I have the potential to come into contact with as a coach of cross-country and track at CHS. The list could go on… Out of all of those hundreds, I wanted to make it simple for people to get to know me. I doubt there are a lot of people that are going to take much time at, but it is available to those that look for it. On top of the opportunities for others to get to know me, for friends and family it is an easy way to get caught up on the happenings within my family. Last, sometimes I like to apply Scripture and offer public prayer and commentary on a variety of topics that interest me.

So, I pray that this blog represents the best part of the person I have become. Please help me to have integrity in all things. Help me to take the high road and help me to keep my priorities in order; 1.God, 2.Marriage, 3.Kids/Family. Check out Psalms 119:1-8.

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