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Apr 082009

Now here’s a sight you won’t see too often. I’m a Christian, pacifist, and anal accountant type so what am I doing with this group of gun-slingers? That’s right, having a blast (get it :) ).

Kip has been a hunter/gun guy his whole life. He was nice enough to spend a couple hours on a cool sunny day with David Bragg and me. The arsenal included several .12 guage guns, a .22, a .410, a .357, black powder gun, and a 9mm. I hope I named them all. I had never been skeet shooting before and was really shocked that I could hit them at all – but I did! It was an excellent day and I’m glad to say a very safe day, too.

So how can the experience around the guns today have a Christian life application? That is how I’ve spent the last hour – searching the Bible on a variety of subjects. In the Bible there are lots of references to weapons and how they were used both for evil and for good. But today most of my time was spent in the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah used an arsenal of sorts to keep Samarians and Ammonites from interferring with the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. Nehemiah uses prayer, encouragement, and armed guards to complete the task and carry out the will of God. To see the opposition that Nehemiah was up against, check out Nehemiah chapter 4 – the whole thing!

Dear God, thank you for a fun time today in the cool sun with friends. Thank you for the opportunity for us to fellowship and get to know one another a little better. It is nearly impossible for me to understand why there are people in the world today that are forced to carry guns for purposes other than putting food on a plate. I pray those people can hear Your word and feel Your presence even in those impossible situations.

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