The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders! Critical Day In Sports

I can remember first taking an interest in bracket mania as far back as 7th grade (Mar-88). So I’ve probably never missed a year since. I don’t bet on the bracket in the office pools anymore like I used to. However, this year I have a friendly competition between one of my best friends, Caleb Mason, and me. The loser drives their family to the winner’s house and cooks the winner’s family dinner.

I’ve been playing brackets for 21 years but one year sticks out, Y2K! I was living and working in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the time. So there were lots of S.E.C. boys down there and almost no one picked MSU all of the way and instead picked their local favorite. I lucked out that year when I predicted my alma mater, MSU, would go all of the way – and they did (check out the link)! I took my pats on the back and lotsa congratulations all of the way to the bank!

Check out the link below to see updates on the bracket picks of Caleb and myself.
Picks And Scores For Caleb And Russ

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