Politifact & The White House Youth Trips – 30 Hour Famine

Mrs. Merkle suggested me as a parent that might be interested in partnering with Max Larsen School and Junior Achievement. Each week for 5 weeks I spend about an hour of preparation for a 45 minute teaching session in Mrs. Merkle’s class. I love it!

The kids are attentive, well-mannered, energetic, and I could go on and on. The hands fly up in the air from the first question I pose to the last. The ‘community’ is the theme for the elementary school grades. Our City is the title of the 3rd grade curriculum. We learn about City Planners, Zones, Construction, Restaurant Operation, the Function Of The Checkbook, etc.

In one of the pictures I’m holding up an actual blueprint of First Baptist Church — ooooohhhhhh…. The kids loved it. I told them to imagine that in 1965 a pair of REAL human eyes looked at the blue print so they, like the students of today, could follow the directions for building a church!

Dear God, I pray for each of these faces! I say a prayer of thanksgiving for wonderful teachers like Mrs. Merkle. I pray for the administrators and others that had the foresight to bring local businesspeople and leaders in to the schools through Junior Achievement.

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