Marriage Simulcast at FBC-Coldwater Politifact & The White House

Now this is a cool program! Check out this website and watch the faces that flash on the screen. The program isn’t free…but the volunteers we have in Coldwater make it clear that taking an extra few “empties” to the store are well worth it!

I’m a running coach year-round at CHS. But I’m a dad, too. I remember running with Marena around an apartment complex when she was 5 years old. Running hasn’t come easy to Marena, but I understand. Now Sara is getting ready to try her ability at Girls On The Run. What a cool idea that Sara has a group of friends to prepare along side her! To be honest, I wish I’d have had that opportunity!

I pray that Sara will catch the bug. The bug that fires her up to do her very best. A bug that brings her satisfaction when she reaches goals she has set for herself. For me, it was breaking a 5:00 minute mile. Then 4:50 and so on. Sara Can….. Marena Can….. The girls CAN do anything. I want my girls to realize they can do whatever they want….if they work for it! This is for you, Sara. I’m proud of you for starting something new that you have no idea how difficult and satisfying it will be! Congrats for taking a chance!

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