Gotta write a stinking gratitude list….hmmph… Girls On The Run

Today was a big day for marriages in Branch County at First Baptist Church of Coldwater. Over 50 couples gathered together to “Focus On Marriage.” Altogether including singles and workers about 130 people were present. The live satellite feed from Colorado Springs, CO, included speakers Gary Smalley, Beth Moore, and music by Jeremy Camp.

These are excellent events, if for no other reason than Tasha and I get to come together to work on us. I know we’re around each other a lot, and we talk and have quality time. But the mere fact that we agree to go TOGETHER is a subtle message to one another that I thrive on. Unfortunately, there were a few couples that are struggling that weren’t there, and maybe their schedules weren’t as free, but maybe they don’t want to send subtle messages to one another that the marriage is important. It is sad. So today I called my wife an unexpected upgrade to a truck. I guess you’d have to have been at the simulcast in order to get the inside joke – but hopefully Tasha does. :)

Dear God, thank you for my marriage to Tasha. Thank you for allowing us each to heal from the harms we do to one another. The good outweigh the bad, but sometimes the bad are so intense, that it is hard to believe the good will ever prevail – but it does. Please help me to love Tasha in spite of her failings. Please help her to love me the same way. I pray that my daughters will someday have a marriage that they are proud of, too. If they are right with You, they have a chance of having that marriage. I pray they seek You out. Amen.

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