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I’ve written out 100s of gratitude lists. It really helps. For those of you squinting to try to read the one I’ve posted, it isn’t really mine so give it up!

So, take a pen or two, a piece of paper, and find a quiet location. DON’T do this on your computer – it’s too easy to get distracted. EVERYONE has something their grateful for, to a bum on the street it is the building overhang that protected him from the rain last night and the fact that no one ran him out into the storm. For others, the list is so sweet that it can’t be written without a pail to catch the tears of joy!

Dear God, help me to sit down and make that list one time in the next week. To take the time to focus on all of the wonderful glimpses of life that enter my eyes every day, every hour, every moment if I let them. I pray for my friends and family that may have never made the list, to go through the awkward motion of setting aside the time, and effectively writing a thank you note to our Maker!

Check out this scripture – David realizes everything comes from God, so be grateful! 1st Chronicles 29:13-17.

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