Surgery (post3) Surgery (post5) – Emotional Roller Coaster!

Happenings In Dreamland….
The night before Marena had her surgery, I had a strange but cool dream. I promise not to blog about my sleepy dreams very often, but this was by far an exception.

In my dream, I was in earnest prayer to God for all aspects pertaining to Marena’s surgery. At one point when I was about to tear-up in my dream, I looked up enough to notice I wasn’t alone in my dream. There were dozens and maybe even a hundred people around me praying the same way. I wasn’t alone. I saw flashes of faces of the people that are closest to me in my life. Too many faces to list them all here. It was peaceful. Almost Heavenly?? I awoke feeling comfort in being able to remember the dream unlike so many other dreams I have. I’m grateful to believe that God has placed me in a wonderful position of having people to help pray for my family, including me; to somehow carry me with their prayers when I was feeling almost too scared to breathe!

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