Surgery (post4) – Cool Dream International “Pain” Scale

Wow! Whew! Thank, God that part is over!
From about 4am until 12:30pm today, I’ve been going through one of the top 10 most emotional moments of my life. Whether one thinks it right or wrong, I usually keep my emotions pretty well in check. It’s just the person that I’ve become. I still felt it was necessary to act confident and strong about the decision to have the surgery – to try to help Marena feel the same way. But my compassion for my daughter’s pain and my own fear for my daughter’s ordeal were still too much! So here come the tears….

The long waiting began after she disappeared in to the hands of the doctors and nurses. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Then Dr. Light appeared. He was confident and reassured us that the “surgery went exactly as we’d planned.” Hoo-Ray! What better thing could the Dr. say? So now the road to recovery is underway. We have pain management issues to deal with but no reason to be hoping for anything but the best. We’ll return on March 4th for our first chance to check out the Dr.’s work. Now it’s time to praise God!

Dear God, thank you for delivering Marena back to us in a hopefully much better situation than we left her to You in. Thank You for the talents of the caring doctors and nurses that have helped Marena to this point. Help us to help Marena. Give us all the strength to support her in a way that glorifies You. Amen.

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