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Pictured Left To Right: Becca Schott & Marena Hickey. The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago is an incredible place. We arrived and were walked straight to Marena’s room by Sandy. They had her name on the room and bed! Marena’s roommate, Kailey, had similar hand anomalies and was awaiting a similar surgery to be performed by Dr. Light, also. Kailey, Marena, and Marena’s b.f. Becca seemed to quickly get along with each other. After a bedside intake with several doctors and helpers, we were given a meal voucher and headed to the cafeteria. They have a large common area with all kinds of games, billiards, air hockey, ping-pong, etc. The commons also had a large basketball court, pre-k climber (McDonald’s style), a TV/Internet area, and even a grand piano! We went back to the room after lunch and almost immediately after we got back, they announced that a magician would be in the commons!

It’s clear this facility goes all out, over the top, to provide a unique experience for the children here. It was probably the first time in our lives together that Marena was in the same room with another little girl with almost the exact same problems. And there was yet another girl with similar challenges that participated in the Magic Show!

Dear God, thank you so much for this wonderful place (did I mention it’s free?). To see all of these kids that have varying difficulties and to see them with smiles on their faces, almost at home with each other here at the Hospital if that’s what you have to call it. I know Marena deals very well with her challenges, but here it almost seems like she has no challenges – for once she has a true peer group. Thank you.

PS – Just after I finished today’s blog and I thought this place couldn’t get any better, the “Recreational” Therapist came into the room delivering a Build-A-Bear for Marena to keep! The evening’s recreational options were outlined for us including access to a Wii and the wheelchair basketball game at 6pm. This place is too cool!

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