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Dear Marena,
Back in the 90’s when you were born; Dr. Louis was at the forefront of the hand and especially the children’s hand field. He was the president of the American Society For Surgery of the Hand back when he operated on you. You were supposedly his last patient that he took on and that was somewhat of a surprise and/or miracle! I think he did an excellent job!

Now you are ready to have the next series of hand surgeries. Dr. Light is the one operating this time. Did you know that he, too, is a past president of the American Society For Surgery of the Hand! When you Google Dr. Light, he pops up in all kinds of different locations and his education clearly puts him near the top of the qualified list in this country! Even the Cleveland Clinic Dr. vouched for that!

I don’t know what will happen in the end. But I know that you want this surgery. And if you are going to do it, my job is to put you in the best possible situation that I can. I’ve done the best I can kiddo. I love you. I pray that this surgery improves your quality of life
– you deserve it!

Dr. Dean Louis Surgery

Dr. Terry Light

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