Tasha made us have lunch at the Moss Beach Distillery because she had seen the place documented on Unsolved Mysteries. This was the home of the legendary “Blue Lady Ghost.” We had a wonderful view of the ocean. Down below there were several harbor seals sunning in the shoals at the bottom of the cliff. We were practically the only people in the restaurant at the time. The entire lunch was spent hyping up the ghost. Then, when the kids went downstairs to use the restroom, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hide around a corner and await for their return – Boo! Gotcha kids. :) I’m grateful Tasha knew where we should eat.

Our family had a wonderful opportunity to visit the west coast in December ’08. We flew into San Francisco, drove south along the Big Sur coast, toured L.A. and flew back to Detroit from L.A.

San Francisco was an absolutely beautiful city! Unless you visit, it is hard to believe how hilly the city really is. Alcatraz forced me to think of all the criminals living in such extreme conditions for so long. The trolley cars were fun (and useful). The Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge were incredible to look at. To think how isolated parts of the Bay area would be from one another without those bridges. The views from the historic Coit Tower were pristine! It was nice taking the family to dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf. And Sara forced us to drive down the curviest street in the world, Lombard Street, about ten times.

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