Cali Vacation – Uncle Connie’s House Cali Vacation – The Coyote Along The Road

Sara and I shared an intimate moment when we climbed Mt. Hollywood. I said all along that I wanted to climb at least one mountain on this trip and when we drove most of the way up Mt. Hollywood on the way to Griffith Observatory, I realized this would be my chance. Tasha and Marena saw some sign about beware of coyotes or something and they got all scared. But Sara and I kept climbing higher. When we got to the top, and I was a little scared about climbing down because of the loose gravel, Sara reached inside her fanny pack and said, “Dad, do you want a drink of my root beer?” It was the absolutely last thing I thought I’d hear her say and I laughed outloud. I’ve never enjoyed root beer more in my entire life.

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