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In the month of September I was invited by Sheila Taylor and Amy Galliers and one of the organizations they are affiliated with, Great Start Collaborative of Branch County, to attend a Board Training. This training was put on by Sabrina Jackson and she taught the True Colors personality identification model.
I enjoyed the ice breaker exercise that was not related at all to True Colors. We were told to partner up – you had to hurry or you’d be the odd one out. Round 1 of partnering began with us introducing ourselves to one another as if we really didn’t want to be there. We had to hurry up and find a different partner for round 2. Round 2 had us introducing ourselves to one another as if we were long lost friends being excited at seeing each other once again. Round 3 had us finding another different partner. We were supposed to introduce ourselves to one another as if we had just won $100M! Oh the excitement! Some nice lady was jumping up and down and squeezing me like grandma used to!
The point of the exercise was to over simplify some of the attitudes that board members may bring to the table. I’ve experienced all three of these attitudes and many others in my involvement on boards. My point in this article is to encourage all of you reading this to think and pray about the projection you give off when you enter a board meeting or any group of people. Does it reflect the image of Christ? With prayer and hard work we can be a better reflection of Christ, just for a day or especially for one meeting.  Check out Colossians 3:1-11. God bless.

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