Conditioning At Lake Michigan Exhilarating

Today we crossed the Mackinac Bridge for the first time as a family. Sara and Marena really enjoyed jockeying for the seat of their choice in the van for going across the bridge. One of them wanted to be close to the edge and the other wanted to try to look through the grid roadway to the water below. I drove OBSCENELY slow across the bridge while Tasha took shot after shot with the camera. I even took the view in from time to time.

I began to think about how important moments like this are for my family. Whether I like it or not, so many first times can also be the only time. It has been more than a dozen years since Tasha and I have been here. Disney was so expensive, it may not happen again for our family. There are other examples of times that were precious and I can’t guarantee will ever happen again.

God, please help my family to cooperate with one another. Help us to be patient with one another in spite of our quirkiness. I know I have my ‘social’ flaws. Please help me to be patient with the things I find challenging in my family members. Help me to love them no matter what. God, please help them to love me just the same – in spite of my weaknesses.

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