Ordinary To Extraordinary The Mighty Mac

Today I finished fifth out of 26 in a prediction 5k. That type of race is where I have to predict what my final time will be for a 5k run and then complete the run without the aid of a watch. I am positive this type of ‘competition’ was designed to keep the interest of old guys like me. Wink-wink.

We took the kids to the South Haven beach for one of their workouts. It was fun having an audience at the beach. People stared, gawked, shouted encouragement, it was cool.

Dear God, thank you for another wonderful day. Thank you for putting me in a place where I can influence these kids. Thank you for an intimate moment with me and three other kids on the fence in their walk with Christ. Thank you for giving me words that I know came from You that increased their interest in getting connected again with Your church.

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