Lotsa Variables Conditioning At Lake Michigan

I had the opportunity to watch the movie Rudy with some of the kids. What a great movie about someone ordinary, doing something extraordinary, to find out they weren’t ordinary. I really liked the scene where Rudy is encouraged to stick out one more practice. Rudy had never been allowed to suit up for a game, he’d only been allowed to practice with the team as an extra – for many years! As a senior entering his final game, Rudy wasn’t going to go to practice when he found out he would never be allowed the opportunity to charge the field. But some timely encouragement from a trusted friend put him in a position to benefit from a series of events that eventually afforded him the opportunity to dress for the game, lead the charge on the field, play in two plays, and record a sack in a winning contest!

I was having some struggles today as I am implementing a plan to rebuild the CHS Cross-Country Teams to a championship level (not just ordinary). At one point I shared with my beautiful wife, Tasha, that I couldn’t find an exit strategy from my job (quit).  It was that bad for a little bit. But God has a way of putting us in the right place at the right time to receive the message He has for us. For me today, it was the encouragement to suit up for practice in spite of the challenge.

God, thank You for that walk in the woods today with Tasha. I know that you will find the extraordinary in what I believe today is ordinary. Please put the words in my mouth to communicate with my team. Help me to have strength to lead when times are difficult. Please help me. I give You the glory no matter the outcome. Amen.

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