Day Off – Part 2 Ordinary To Extraordinary

Aerobic. Anaerobic. Base. CT recovery. PPM on the roads. PPM in a race. LR = long run. LD = long day. Short Summit. Long Summit. Summit Mile. Lactic acid threshold. Oxygen delivery system.

I just finished a wonderful coaching session with long time friends Moses Castillo and Steve Long. Moses has 12 years experience in Fremont, Indiana. Steve has 10 years experience and is currently with Otsego, MI. Both programs celebrate histories of great success! (I take great pride in once being their leader on the cross-country team at CHS where we finished 2nd and 5th at state).

I am in what I hope is a transition period in my coaching career. There are some kids on my team that had the benefit of a 30 year veteran coach that is now retired. There are other kids on my team that are freshman and sophomore (and even middle schoolers) that are beginning to implement the philosophy that will hopefully insure I become a 30 year veteran coach!

It is so hard for the ‘winner’ personality I have to be patient in the transition. I’m sitting in a room listening to these two now very successful coaches tell stories of their wishes and buts. Of course, I can’t wait to get back to my room to record the successes and how they reached them.

I pray that God will give me the opportunity to reflect on the wishes and buts. I also pray that He will give me the opportunity to be in a room with a newer coach and inspire him/her to run back to their room to record the kernels of success that will lead this region, state, and country to a window of success in the sport of running. Whatever happens, all the glory goes to You!

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