5 Mile Bike, 1.5 Mile Run Lotsa Variables

Tasha and I saw an opportunity during our morning devotional time to take our family hostage from 3pm until whenever today. We decided that the phone could ring and all of our other ‘tentative’ plans could fall by the wayside so our family could have some fun.

We ended up at Willard Beach in Battle Creek. We hadn’t been there before. It was a ‘big’ city park full of clutter and people. There are plenty of bad things that can be said about C/W. But it just feels cleaner and safer here than there. A presumably hungry homeless person checked on our garbage while we were finishing dinner. Tasha said we should invite him to take our extra food. I paused and asked her to let him go by. There are too many scenarios that ran through my mind about how this person could pose a threat to my family.

But I told the family to make him a plate to leave behind. We had the extras. As we were all loaded up I saw him in the distance. I said, “sir, help yourself to the plate we left behind.” He thanked us with a big smile and was sitting at the picnic table as we drove off. It is important to help others, but it can be challenging to do so in a safe way.

God, please help that man out of the challenges he faces. I pray he feels Your presence now and every time someone reads this prayer. I pray for him to follow the path you have set for him. A path that can surely be better tomorrow than it was today.

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