High Class Problems Day Off – Part 2

On my day off I came into the kitchen and see my 13.7 year old daughter, Marena, standing there. I say, “Would you like to take the bikes down to Pokagon for a bike and run?” I know her well enough to see the wheels spinning. Her thoughts, “If I go with him, my friends won’t be able to get my attention…” I pictured it from her point of view as being some kind of hostage situation.  But she decided to go with me anyway.

There are so many stories I could tell from this one day. We biked. I planned to bike along side her while she ran – but she had a surprise challenge in store for me. “Daddy, will you run with me?” Now I’m scared. Just the other day I did an 8:00 warm-up run with my team and had to act like it didn’t hurt a bit when I thought I was going to die. Marena was going for a 10-12 minute run! What’s a dad to do? I say, “Sure, Marena. I’d love to!”

I motivated myself the whole way thinking about putting my steaming feet into the lake at the end of the run. We finish and I didn’t do half bad, and we get to the water. My feet are cooling for about 30 seconds when Marena says, “Ok. Let’s go home.” All total I think she spent 1.5 hours biking, 0.5 hours in the running process, 1 hour at lunch, 1 hour in transit, and 3 hours on the phone! But I’m grateful just the same. I love you, Marena.

Dear God, thank you for a wonderful day with Marena. A beautiful child of God. Please help me to always remember and cherish these moments. I can screw a lot of things up, but today’s memory can never be taken away. Praise God!

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