Follow-Up To Man Vs. Mosquito 5 Mile Bike, 1.5 Mile Run

My dad used to always laugh at the troubles he’d encounter when he was ‘satisfied’ with life. My current situation is a flat tire on the family van. I’m going to make up a story about my dad but it fits with his character.

Picture this – we are on a family trip to Niagara Falls. The family van is; modern, leather interior, DVD player, etc. And it has a flat tire along the freeway. Dad would think it was too bad. But he’d be on the phone calling the car service and would chuckle at the end and say it was a ‘high-class’ problem. He was living a wonderful dream to be able to have such a nice vehicle that could go on such a great family trip. Nice to some would be a limo or private plane, but to dad it was exactly where he was at!

Ahhh…Gratitude (g.brayton). God, thank you for the family van. Thank you for the x-number room home on x-number acres attached to a park with x-number square footage. Thank you for the x.y car garage that I am sitting in as I type this blog. There are flat tires, digital cameras that don’t flash, but thank you, God. Thank you for a blessed life. Thank you for the high-class problems.

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