Man Vs. Mosquito High Class Problems

Some kids decided to do a little vandalism to the church while I was swatting mosquitoes. They had no idea how easy it was for me to catch them. They picked the wrong night!

It started with four kids walking around the neighborhood throwing firecrackers at each other. Not that big of deal in my book. But I could hear the firecrackers doing a 360 around my neighborhood and ended back at the church. Then I heard what sounded like kids on the roof. Not uncommon by the way – wish I could fix that. So I chased them down and had a little Clint Eastwood moment.

I know there are more than a couple of schools of thought on this. But I eyeballed the damage and it was really small and could have been a lot worse. So I challenged the kids. I let them know that if anything bad happens in my neighborhood, the police will get a call from me first thing. That includes my place of course!

I’ve been meaning to install an external surveillance/motion system anyway…I know I should have called the cops and thrown away the key but not this time. Lord, help those kids to feel Your presence tonight. Help them to realize that having fun and causing damage are two different things. Help them to know that not everyone would like the firecrackers…but NO ONE likes vandalism.

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