Running! Man Vs. Mosquito
Jul 032008

What a photo…

That is me pouring iron. I make it look kind of easy but I knew the boss was taking the shot. I had a control that moved the 2700 degree iron in the 3-ton ladle (I can’t remember what it actually weighed so be patient with me ACM). The other guy doesn’t work there anymore. There is another photo and 2 out of 3 of us don’t work there, either. We were grunt labor. But I know we were important even if the others didn’t. It takes those grunts to pour the iron that needs deburred, that needs machined, and that needs attached to our cars.

What a wild world. God was my source back then even though I really didn’t want Him to be. Strange, huh? It was a crappy job. But He made me make it. He knew it was temporary where I did not. I interviewed for the next job for the first time in my life having prayed before the interview that God would direct me. Ever since then my life has been so physically easy that I’ve gained 20 pounds.

There are so many other photos and commentary that I could give you about that job….But praise God for Tim Long and Eric Johnson. There were others. But they are special to me and I don’t even know if they know it. God bless you guys. Amen.

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