My Beautiful Wife! Running!

God has really blessed me. I work at the church where my children attend youth programs. On Thursday, my wife and I chaperoned a trip to Cedar Point and today we took a group to Doe-Wah-Jack’s Canoe Rental in Dowagiac, Michigan.

This year FBC paid for a motor coach to take the group to Cedar Point. Enough people went that we still had to take our large passenger bus, too! Over 60 people attended from our church. We also partnered with the Church of the Nazarene for a very strong Coldwater presence. There were opportunities for the adult youth leaders to interact with several of the kids over travel, lunch, ride lines, etc. It was clear several times that there was added security in having a large group present. Some of the boys were kept out of trouble, and some of the girls were, too! I am grateful that my wife and I were able to support our oldest daughter, Marena.

My wife has been teaching 9th and 10th graders on Sunday mornings. This is an age group that she really enjoys. That is a good thing since she also runs a teen driving school! Tasha asked me to drive the church bus for the canoe trip. The river was very difficult because of a lot of downed TREES across the water way as a result of a storm that went through the night before. We actually had to portage over a large tree in the middle of the river because we couldn’t pass and the banks were too steep and overgrown to go around! It was a little dangerous but one prayer and 20 minutes later, we made it. Praise God! Score: River 1, Youth Group -1 (lost one cell phone).

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for these opportunities to minister to the youth of our church and our community. There were victories and defeats – but we went through them together. And we taught the kids how to bring glory to You, no matter what the situation brought us!

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